Explore the History and Culture of Loudoun County, Virginia Virtually

Are you looking for a way to discover the history and culture of Loudoun County, Virginia without leaving your home? Look no further! The National D-Day Memorial and the Loudoun County Department of Economic Development have created a variety of virtual programs and tours to help you explore the area. From virtual tours of the Monument to online education and activity plans, there are plenty of ways to learn about the history of Loudoun County from the comfort of your own home. The Loudoun County Department of Economic Development recently hosted a virtual spring visit that connected thousands of people from 16 countries to farms in the area. This exploration included information about specific cemeteries, stories of some of the people buried there, and descriptions of unique headstones.

Currently, there are 25 farms on the virtual list, but more will be added throughout the harvest season. The Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum also offers online activities related to agriculture. These include facts about farm life, games, puzzles, and other activities for children. Although many Loudoun County farms welcome visitors during the harvest season for guided tours and direct sales, this year's official fall visit is virtual.

Museums and historic sites in Virginia are also offering online educational opportunities for everyone to keep learning while staying at home. With these virtual tours and activities, you can explore the history and culture of Loudoun County from anywhere in the world!.

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